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Bennington Downtown Area-Wide Plan (Interactive Story Map)

Apr 5, 2016

Story Maps are a great tool for area-wide planning efforts. They can help various stakeholders understand the history and complexities of an area, and see alternatives to redevelopment play out in a visual way. This Interactive Story Map walks the reader through the history and redevelopment alternatives of the downtown area of Bennington, Vermont. The Story Map provides the community of Bennington with an informative, interactive explanation of the content contained in the Bennington Downtown Area-Wide Plan and is intended to summarize the findings and recommendations of the broader planning efforts.

Story Map Receives International Recognition by Esri

The Bennington Area Wide Planning Story Map was recognized at Esri's 2017 Partner Conference. Stone was awarded the Best Use of Story Maps Award for the creative use of a story map to gain community buy-in for the plan. For more information, about this award, check out Esri's article in its Spring 2017 ArcGIS Newsletter: "Esri Partners Help Users Make the Maps That Run Their Towns"

 EPC 2017 StoryMaps Stone Enviro