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Arcgis online jumpstart Program

ARCGIS ONLINE IS THE 21ST CENTURY "SWISS ARMY KNIFE:" One Platform with a Variety of Ready-to-Use Tools That Serve Multiple Purposes

Esri’s ArcGIS Online is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create, store, and share data, interactive maps, custom applications, and other geospatial content across your organization and with the public. In little-to-no time, Stone can help you get a jumpstart on improving your organization’s ability to leverage data and access critical information with an ArcGIS Online subscription. Within a secure environment, we can help you create beautiful, standalone apps and embed maps in websites that can be shared with any device. The learning curve is small and the results powerful

Organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry can benefit from ArcGIS Online’s extended capabilities. Among its many features, the cloud-based platform enables you to collect or crowdsource information with simple, ready-to-use data collection apps. Field crews can conduct inspections with or without internet connectivity. Citizens can let you know of problems around your community. Intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor progress or activity.

ArcGIS Online also offers you the ability to create Story Maps that help you present data in a meaningful way and engage your community, organization, or colleagues with an interactive learning experience. With ready-to-use templates, creating a Story Map is easy! Let us show you how. Putting maps and Story Maps on your website is simple to do as standalone or embedded apps.

ArcGIS Online Story Maps are a phenomenal way to communicate with your community, organization, or colleagues. Ready to use templates make this task easy. Let us show you how. Putting maps and story maps on your website is simple to do as standalone or as embedded apps.


Stone’s Jumpstart Program enables your organization to utilize ArcGIS Online as quickly and easily as possible. We deliver a solid strategy and offer web maps, apps, and the transfer of our own knowledge to allow your team to become self-sufficient with ArcGIS Online within a short period of time. By the end of the Jumpstart, you will be able to create insightful interactive maps and apps, share them within your organization, and gain maximum insight into your data.

What Do You Get with Our ArcGIS Online Jumpstart Program?

  • Initial Consultation – Our Team will meet with you to create a prioritized list of web maps and apps.
  • Organizational Account Set-Up – Stone will help set up your organizational account for Administrator(s), Users, and Groups.
  • Web Maps and Apps – We will work from the prioritized list created during the initial consultation and focus on existing and new resources to populate your AGOL or Enterprise for ArcGIS Organizational account or instance.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Throughout the AGOL Jumpstart program, we will work with you to ensure your team has the knowledge needed to administer, maintain, and continue the work we have started.

Stone's ArcGIS Online experience and esri business partnership

Stone has been an Esri Business Partner since 2009. With the launch of ArcGIS Online in 2009, we’ve used the platform to develop apps and maps for multiple clients, empowering them to effortlessly store and share information online. Our diverse experiences have allowed our clients to shine with both simple and complex applications. Our award-winning Story Map Journal for the Town of Bennington, Vermont, describing the community’s history and alternative development possibilities from contaminated downtown sites, is a great example of the integrative capacity of technology and ability to leverage data to tell a compelling story. Esri’s Mobile Field Apps allow us to provide a tight connected and disconnected integrated solution for field data collection and management of resources. 

Let us help you build the data collection app best suited to your requirements using the suite of apps: Workforce for ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and Survey123 for ArcGIS can work in comibination or independently. These apps can be used with AGOL or from your ArcGIS Server environment.

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