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Fall Northeast Arc Users Group (NEARC) Conference

Oct 16 - 19, 2016
Falmouth, Massachusetts

Stone's Kelsey Lanan, Katie Budreski, Dan Voisin, and David Healy attended this three-day conference in Massachusetts to attend user presentations, receive additional technical training from Esri, participate in community building events. Keley Lanan also presented at the Technical Session,"Historical Data Visualization for Contaminated Sites - In 3D and Online," which focused on the use of ArcGIS online and 3D models to help visualize highly complex and detailed contaminated sites in intuitive and data-rich formats that are easier to use, share, understand, and present than traditional methods.

View and download the presentation: Historic Data Visualization for Contaminated Sites: in 3D and Online

To learn more about the Fall NEARC Conference, check out the conference website here.