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Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a constant for Stone. When we can stay at the forefront in our fields, we are better scientists and our clients are the first to reap the benefits. We engage in a variety of activities to ensure that we continue to play a leadership role in the industries we are in, and to bring the most up-to-date information and approaches to our projects.

Stone cultivates its thought leadership role in the following ways:

Organizing, Participating, and Speaking at conferences

We look forward to participating in scientific and technical conferences to stay current on emerging topics and to share our knowledge and experience with industry, government, and academic colleagues.

  • Visit our events page to see where we've been and where we are going

Participating in Professional Development Programs and Course Work

Stone staff regularly take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Project managers have taken classes offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Developers and programmers regularly participate in the Esri Developer Network
  • Staff are encouraged to take academic classes in their field

Playing an active role in industry groups

When we participate in industry and expertise-focused working groups and committees, we can better understand how the needs of our clients may be changing, as well as how technologies may evolve to serve those needs better.  Stone currently is active in the following organizations:

  • Esri Partner Network (Silver Member)
  • Vermont Environmental Consortium (VEC)
  • CropLife America (CLA)
  • Pyrethroid Working Group (PWG)
  • National Environmental Field Activities Program (NEFAP)
  • Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
  • Vermont Technology Alliance

Participating in ground-breaking work in our field

Stone staff are encouraged to participate in activities that advance science in our fields of expertise. Below are a few examples:

  • Helping to Lead in the Development of new ASABE Model Standards [read more]
  • Leading the development of High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) techniques and shepherding its use in real-world projects. [read more]