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Community Energy Strategies Pilot Program

This case study describes a project in which Stone worked with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) to develop a Community Energy Strategies Pilot Program that would assess clean energy opportunities at the community or regional level based on a combination of the locally available clean energy resources and the community's clean energy goals. This project was part of an effort on the part of MassCEC to improve stakeholder involvement and improve planning support specific to the siting and operation of clean energy projects.

There were 16 communities and 3 Regional Planning Authorities who participated in the Pilot Program. The program was designed on the belief that GIS-based spatial analysis of infrastructure and siting criteria for various clean energy technologies can facilitate a better understanding of the distribution and extent of clean energy opportunities, streamline the development process itself, and ultimately increase the number of development projects. Read more about the project in this case study.

MassCEC FRCOG Screenshot

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