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GLP Program

Stone’s commitment to organizational quality and Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) are maintained at every stage of every project and integrated into the culture and operation of our 100-percent employee-owned company. Our in-house Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) ensures our services are the best in the industry by training staff, maintaining Standard Operating Procedures, and reviewing all reports and data presentations for accuracy and traceability to raw data. They resolve day-to-day quality assurance issues and assist project managers with regulatory compliance questions. This proactive approach ensures the entire project team understands how to design and conduct a study and prepare complete, accurate, and compliant reports.

Stone has a thorough understanding of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and US GLPs and has provided quality assurance oversight of EPA-regulated studies. Stone has expertise auditing analytical laboratories and testing facilities and conducting field and onsite inspections. We also have provided protocol assessment, phase inspections, data and report audits, and training. In addition, we can help implement GLPs at your facility. Stone can provide QAU services for GLP studies, including:

  • Prospective groundwater
  • Tap water (retrospective) groundwater
  • Simulated rainfall runoff
  • Community surface water monitoring
  • Aquatic monitoring
  • Terrestrial dissipation

Our QAU provides quality assurance guidance for projects in all of our service lines and maintains the latest standard operating procedures, staff training records, job descriptions, office and shop floor plans, and the study master schedule; for checking all data presentations for accuracy; and for archiving study data. 

GLP standards are regulations (40 CFR Part 160) that prescribe good laboratory practices for conducting studies that support applications for research or marketing permits. GLP principles and guidance refers to a management quality system with quality controls in place to ensure production of data of known reliability, reproducibility, quality and integrity.