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100% Employee-Owned

We don’t just work for Stone, we own the company. In 2016, Stone Environmental transitioned its ownership and became 100% employee-owned through the Stone Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP is a retirement plan for all employees in which the company makes contributions allowing shares of company stock to be allocated to employees. Upon cessation of employment, the ESOP repurchases those shares at fair market value allowing the employee to share in the growth in value of the company while they were contributing to its success.

Some ESOP companies simply see stock ownership as a financial benefit. But around here, we see it as an awesome way that everyone can have a positive impact on the health and value of our company. We all have some skin in the game, which can be a powerful motivation. It inspires intense collaboration, a vibrant work environment, and a big team of individuals who are all consistently looking for ways to make the company better. Through smarter processes. Better teamwork. Stronger results.