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Urban Hydrologic Systems

Modeling water quantity and quality in residential and urban waterways has become increasingly important in recent years as a growing population and increasing development place greater stress on the environment. The application of environmental models to assess the water quality impacts of human development and activities in residential and urban settings is a powerful approach to understanding the primary factors contributing to water quality problems and identifying the most promising solutions.

Our team’s broad expertise in environmental modeling gives us the background and experience to adopt or adapt the most appropriate model or tool to address a specific problem. The urban water quality issues that our clients ask us to address are challenging, and often require customization of existing water quality models and tools to provide the best scientific solution. Our deep understanding of the scientific theory and source code behind the industry standard Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) and Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) allows us to adapt these models to solve difficult problems.

Our specific areas of expertise in the area of urban hydrologic and water quality modeling include:

  • Agrochemical fate and transport in residential and urban environments
  • Stormwater flow modeling and calibration
  • Nutrient and sediment load assessments at the watershed scale