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Water Quality

Clean water serves innumerable purposes. Water is directly linked to many of our daily activities and the quality of life in our communities. Clean water is essential for everyday household uses, from drinking to showering to washing dishes; recreational uses, from fishing to swimming to boating, drawing thousands of tourists each year; commercial uses, ranging from agricultural operations to high-tech industries.

This collective of human activities is not without impact on our water resources. Stormwater runoff from the roofs of our homes and driveways contributes small amounts of pollutants that are washed into streams en masse when it rains or as snow melts--pollutants like dirt, road salt and sand, oil, antifreeze, pesticides, and fertilizer. Similarly, in an agricultural setting, rain washes soil and manure off of crop fields and hayland, animal trails, and barnyards, and into nearby streams and rivers. Inadequately treated wastewater, whether it comes through a septic system or a wastewater treatment facility, can adversely affect public and environmental health.

Stone Environmental offers a variety of services to support the actions of individuals, organizations, municipalities, and state agencies to protect, sustain, and restore water quality.