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Application Development

The data analysis techniques that GIS can provide are more powerful and cost effective when users can apply them repeatedly for varying situations. We make this possible by writing customized GIS tools and web-based applications for our clients.

We start by fully understanding the user's needs and defining the workflow using agile project management approaches. Next, we develop and test the spatial analysis technique that will form the basis of the application. Once the client approves the technique, we develop a flexible, user-friendly interface that matches our client's workflow. Our customized GIS tools and applications empower our clients to efficiently perform complex spatial assessments, giving them more time for evaluating the results.

Specific areas of focus are:

  • Project planning, specification, design, and programming
  • Web GIS applications
  • Mobile solutions
  • Web database applications
  • ArcGIS extensions and application development
  • RDBMS applications