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Future Railyard Enterprise Connector Road, Stormwater Engineering Feasibility Assessment

Stone is working with the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the City of Burlington to assess the site and identify possible practices and strategies to mitigate flooding issues in the vicinity of the Burlington Railyard, at the future location of the Railyard Enterprise Project (REP) and adjacent to the City's Main Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The REP, initiated in 2013, aims to address multimodal safety, mobility, and operational transportation issues in the Waterfront South Area of Burlington, ultimately developing a network of improvements connecting Pine and Battery Streets. Existing infrastructure consists of a network that conveys combined sanitary and storm flows to the WWTP during storm events that generate runoff. During large runoff vents, capacity of the combines system in this portion of the City is sometimes exceeded, causing localized flooding that extends into the proposed roadway corridor.

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