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A Modeling Approach for Predicting Pyrethroid Residues in Urban Water Bodies for Use in Environmental Risk Assessments

Sep 22, 2014

Review the abstract and download the PDF at the ACS Publications site.


An urban residential pesticide exposure modeling approach using the Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) has been developed and validated in a high density residential watershed in southern California. The approach incorporates pyrethroid wash-off characteristics from pervious and impervious surfaces, neighborhood characteristics, and local pyrethroid application practices. This modeling approach was extended to the Southeast, South Central, Northwest, North Central, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic US through parameterization of local use practices, along with local weather and irrigation characteristics. Application of the SWMM modeling approach to a broader population of regional conditions has provided aquatic exposure estimates important for developing a comprehensive higher tier ecological risk assessment for pyrethroids at the national scale.