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Cabot School Stormwater Planning and Implementation

The Cabot School generates runoff that enters the local stormwater system before being discharged to the nearby Winooski River without treatment, some of which is generated by nearby properties including 900 feet of Danville Hill Road. The goal of this project was to complete a stormwater master plan for the Cabot School campus and its associated drainage area, including upland “run on” water. The result was 100% designs for and implementation of three treatment areas on school property, along with a list of other runoff control projects that can be pursued in the future.

The Friends of the Winooski River retained Stone to assess the drainage area and identify possible practices for stormwater mitigation and water quality improvements. An initial list of seven opportunities was narrowed to three implementation projects using three broad criteria: greatest stormwater reduction and water quality benefits, projects that required detailed engineering design to implement, and projects that Cabot School was interested in pursuing.  In 2016, Stone designed and oversaw construction of the three highest-priority practices.