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Design and Construction Oversight of a Pond Upgrade and Stormwater Bumpouts at Pine Grove Terrace, Morehouse Brook, Winooski

In 2018, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) and the City of Winooski hired Stone to develop a concept (30%) design for stormwater improvements to address runoff from public highways and directly connected residential impervious surfaces in the Pine Grove Terrace development. The development is located in the Morehouse Brook watershed, which has an approved flow restoration plan (FRP) developed by Stone under an engineering partner in 2013-2017. Stone’s conceptual design work helped the City and CCRPC secure Ecosystem Restoration Grant funding to advance the project to final engineering and design. Under a separate contract, the City of Winooski hired Stone to prepare final engineering design plans, including construction cost estimates, and oversee construction of the stormwater mitigation and treatment practices. We performed an additional topographic survey, coordinated soil investigations, prepared final design plans, and provided bid and construction review services for implementation in 2019. Construction commenced in August and was complete in, meeting the tight timeline required by the Design/Implementation Block Grant.