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HRSC Visualization Through Video Animation (sample video)

Jan 1, 2015

Today's site investigations generate complex environmental data that must be explained to stakeholders and decision makers with varying levels of technical knowledge.

High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) is a proven method of reducing project life cycle costs by generating accurate Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) enabling targeted and more cost-effective remedies. With HRSC, dynamic work strategies and real-time measurement tools generate large sets to support detailed and accurate CSMs. Advanced data processing and imaging are necessary to allow investigators and decision-makers to interpret and understand these dense 3D data sets. Integrating geological, chemical and hydrological data sets, Stone's data visualization geoscientists produce interactive 3D models, as well as 4D and 2D outputs, that help save time and money through a more comprehensive, accurate understanding of the site.

The video below is an example of a dynamic video animation that Stone can provide, allowing users to see selected parts of a site from multiple angles or view several different preset scenes.