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Stormwater Management Opportunities at Rumney Memorial School

Rumney Memorial School is located on Shady Rill Road, Middlesex, which runs parallel to Martin's Brook (locally called Shady Rill). Rumney's campus is composed of terraced school yard, gravel parking lot and drop off area, and a building with a footprint of slightly more than half an acre. To the east of the building, stormwater from the roof flows out of under-sized gutters onto the sidewalk, then picks up sediment from the drop off area before flowing into an actively eroding roadside ditch. To the west of the building, more runoff flows into a grass ditch and into a small pipe that runs under the road and into the school's property across the road. After a storm event, the field is saturated with water, and one can hear the water flowing from the field into Martin's Brook. The banks of Martin's Brook at this juncture are eroded and vegetation is failing.

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