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Stormwater Master Planning: Mitigating the Impacts of Stormwater Runoff

Stone's water quality staff specializes in helping public works staff and local administrators think and plan comprehensively about stormwater infrastructure and related water quality issues. A thorough assessment of existing stormwater infrastructure and runoff patterns (e.g., what water goes to where) can help identify and prioritize areas that are being impacted by existing stormwater conditions or areas that are likely to be particularly sensitive to runoff from future development.

This handout includes a general overview on stormwater master planning, as well as the stormwater master planning services Stone provides to local towns. This type of planning enables a town to identify stormwater mitigation projects that have the greatest return on investment and allows them to prepare for future regulatory requirements, armed with an understanding of their local needs and opportunities.

For more information about Stone's services, visit our Stormwater Assessment and Permitting page.