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The Farm-P Reduction Planner (Farm-PREP): An Integrated Tool for Optimizing Field Practices to Achieve Farm-Scale Nutrient Reductions and Improve Water Quality

Stone developed the Farm Phosphorus Reduction Planner (Farm-PREP), an integrated web-based application, to help farmers, technical crop consultants, and stakeholders easily evaluate the impacts of field-level best management practices on farm scale phosphorus (P) loss reductions and identify modifications to their field operations to help achieve water quality improvement targets on the watershed-scale.

Farm-PREP brings the power of the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s farm-scale water quality model, the Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender model (APEX), to a much broader audience through a streamlined and user-friendly user interface allowing for evaluation of thousands of farm management scenarios. The tool integrates agronomic and hydrologic science, numerical modeling, and web-based application development that is packed with science and engineering on the back-end, yet elegant and intuitive on the user-facing front end.

Farm-PREP was funded (in part) by an agreement awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program. NEIWPCC manages LCBP’s personnel, contract, grant, and budget tasks and provides input on the program’s activities through a partnership with the LCBP Steering Committee.