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Our Field dissipation study team leads 

Jacob Mitchell brings 15 years of experience working in the EPA GLP environment.  He has served as a study director, principal investigator, and project manager on a variety of studies examining terrestrial and aquatic dissipation; off-site movement (including drift, field volatility, runoff, and surface water monitoring); and pollen and nectar residues.

Gaylen Jones brings over three decades of experience in environmental fate and transport, residue chemistry, metabolism, and soil dissipation. Over the last 30 years, Gaylen has served as project manager, principal field investigator, and GLP Study Director on a variety of environmental fate and exposure, crop residue, and field dissipation studies, as well as a radiation safety officer for contract research organizations.

Rachel Lightfoot brings over ten years of experience in agricultural research, designing, implementing, conducting, and managing field research trials. Rachel served as a principal field investigator and compliance coordinator for a contract research organization. Her experience includes conducting GLP trials (specifically residue, soil dissipation, and exposure), efficacy, and Biotech seed studies. She has worked with multiple crops including agronomic, vegetable, turf and ornamental, as well as tree, vine, and small fruit. She has served as a GLP Study Director and Principal Investigator on several complex drift studies.

In addition to these project managers, our talented team works behind the scenes helping with everything from instrumentation to data handling and report construction.  We make sure that no bottlenecks impede your project.