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Johnsons Mill Dam Removal and Long-Term Monitoring

In 2019, Stone was engaged by the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District (FCNRCD) to assess the feasibility of removing Johnsons Mill Dam in Bakersfield, Vermont. The dam, originally used for powering a sawmill, had negative impacts on brook trout habitat and migration. With funding secured from the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, Stone conducted surveys and assessments to determine the potential benefits of dam removal, including improved aquatic organism passage (AOP) and water quality. Following a storm event that damaged the dam, Stone adjusted its design plans and oversaw the successful removal and restoration of the Bogue Branch to a free-flowing state in 2021. Subsequently, Stone was tasked with long-term monitoring to track channel adjustments, vegetation patterns, and sediment distribution, making this project one of the state's pioneering dam removal monitoring programs.