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Lake Champlain TMDL and Clean Water Fund Updates

Lake Champlain tmdl and clean water fund updates

The Vermont Journal of Environmental Law recently published its "Lake Champlain Edition" and we couldn't be more impressed. The Stone team will refer to this valuable reference as we continue our water quality work all around Vermont, and we thought it might be a valuable addition to your library of go-to resources, as well.

We also are proud to have contributed to this publication. Stone's Julie Moore, P.E. wrote the article entitled "Stormwater Runoff from Developed Lands." Here's what Julie has to say about this special publication: "This edition of VJEL captures the full range of water quality challenges and opportunities facing practitioners and residents of the Lake Champlain basin. I very much appreciate the opportunity afforded to me by the Vermont Law School to reflect on and document the important and evolving role stormwater management will play in ensuring clean water for future generations!"

Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL Update and Clean Water Fund Public Participation Opportunities

In TMDL news, the public comment period on Vermont's revised Phase 1 implementation plan recently closed. The State is expected to release the final Phase 1 plan later this month, which will provide broad guidance for Vermont’s implementation efforts. Detailed implementation strategies are expected to be developed as part of Tactical Basin Plans that will be updated for each of the state's major river basins over the next five years.

In addition, with current funding for implementation projects set to expire in July 2017, the State is continuing to evaluate potential long-term sources of funding for the Clean Water Fund. This funding provides essential support to municipalities, conservation districts, watershed groups, and farmers to reduce polluted runoff. Comments are currently being sought on next year's draft Clean Water Fund allocations (check out the draft budget and current public participation opportunities here). Stakeholder meetings are underway to gather input on revenue options (learn more about the Clean Water Fund and Fall 2016 meetings here). These are important conversations that will impact funding for clean water (and our wallets) for many years to come.

Funding to Restore Lake Champlain: Grant & Public Participation Opportunities