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Targeted Brownfield Assessment & Cleanup of Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site, 260 River Street, Montpelier, Vermont

In the spring of 2017, Stone was hired to assess the site of a former manufactured gas plant on the banks of the Winooski River, prescribing alternatives including monitoring natural attenuation of sub-surface coal tar, excavating riverbank coal tar with off-site disposal, and developing area soils onsite with engineered barriers and institutional controls. A Site-Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan was designed to determine whether Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) identified in a previous Phase I ESA have resulted in releases of contaminants to the environment and, if so, to define the degree, nature, and extent of contamination. Stone developed a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) to evaluate contaminants, release mechanisms, and the site’s geologic setting to assess fate and transport of contaminants of concern.