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Stone's HUB Competition 2018

Stone's Vermont ArcGIS Hub Competition to Drive Community Engagement 

In an effort to serve our own community, Stone Environmental is collaborating with a Vermont city interested in developing a community web application to utilize the power of local information and stories to drive civic engagement and support for local initiatives.

Update: City of Montpelier, Vermont Wins Competition for a Free Implementation of ArcGIS Hub

Stone Environmental has chosen the City of Montpelier for implementation of a web-based technology for community engagement using Esri’s ArcGIS Hub technology. Stone will be providing their community service and innovation hours to support the development of a citizen engagement website so that the city can take advantage of the latest tools to better inform its citizens.  

As part of this project, our team of GIS specialists will be available to develop an “ArcGIS Hub” site for Montpelier to share information and engage its citizens around a particular community interest or cause on an online platform. ArcGIS Hub is a web-based, two-way community engagement platform that offers plenty of customization, including interactive maps, informative charts, narrative story maps, dashboards, and a place to collaborate and connect with members of the community—local businesses, schools, local organizations, or citizen scientists. The web application also helps communities enlist citizens to gather data in a useful digital format through surveys, development proposals, community events, and meet-ups. For more information about Esri’s ArcGIS Hub and how it can help serve your community, visit Esri's website.

Montpelier has requested help in setting up an ArcGIS Hub site to share public works and housing development activities, proposals, and plans with their residents. The city has suggested that developing housing is a challenge, but increasing community engagement in the process should help decide the best housing development plans. 

Active ArcGIS Hub Sites

There are several local Hub sites that have been developed to support decision-making and create more engaged communities. The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission is adopting this technology to help towns address stormwater runoff from roads, and the City of Burlington is developing an ArcGIS Hub site to assist with their new city plan update process. Other external examples include the City of Hamilton's Community Engagement HubLos Angeles GeoHub, and City of Long Beach's DataLB.

Contact Information

If you any questions, please contact Nick Floersch at 802.229.1872 or